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What is a Jamboard| The Definitive Guide

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Jamboard is a digital whiteboard by google. Its a tool to support remote teaching and learning. Keep reading to know more about the question “what is a jamboard”

What is a Jamboard?

Google Jamboard is a cloud-based software that enables visual collaboration between users in real-time. In other words, Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard for users. Therefore, It is an effective tool to Sync teaching and supports remote teaching and learning.

what is jamboard: Jamboard is a digital tool by Google which helps in remote teaching and learning programs. It is a cloud-based software that enables visual collaboration.
What is Google jamboard: It is an interactive whiteboard.


  • Jamboard is a digital interactive whiteboard.
  • You can share activity to students by sending emails or sharing links.
  • Likewise, students can response by inserting sticky notes or by inserting images.
  • In addition, Students can also see their classmates responses.
  • Also, teachers can assign jamboard activity through google classrooms as well.
  • Furthermore, you can drag and resize text and images with your fingers.
  • However, one pitfall of google jamboard is that students can edit each other responses.

4 Easy Steps to familiarize yourself with google jamboard

Creating a new jam in jamboard

Step-1 (Creating new jam)

Open Its a completely blank page, in the bottom right-hand corner, you will notice that there is a big orange plus sign. To begin with, you can create a new jam or a new file in Jamboard click on this orange plus sign. So then, It will create a blank jam file to start editing.

Rename the activity in jamboard

Step-2 (Rename the activity)

In the top left-hand corner, it says untitled jam. Give this activity a title, in this case, it’s So then, press OK.

Changing background in Jamboard

Step-3 (Background selection)

In Step-3, you can familiarize yourself with background features. Jamboard comes with different background options, we have many interesting options like clean white, lined paper and graphing paper background. In addition, We also have blue and black backgrounds option.

tools of jamboard

Step-4 (Tools)

On the lift hand side, we have a bunch of different writing tools for example Pen tool, eraser tool, the select tool, the sticky note tool, the image tool, the shape tool, a text box and a laser tool.

Pen, Eraser and selector tool in jamboard

Step-4.1 (Pen, Eraser and selector tool)

This tool allows you to write. To begin with, If you click on it, you will see there are some more options like a marker, a highlighter, a paintbrush as well as different colours to choose from.

To erase everything from your jamboard click clear frame at the top of the page.

Similarly, to erase part of your sketch, use eraser tool from the list.

Sticky note tool in jamboard

Step-4.2 (Sticky note tool)

Jamboard is commonly known for its Sticky note feature.

For instance, If you click on the sticky note option, it gives you the option to create a sticky note.

Especially, as a teacher, this can be a place to put title or prompt of the activity.

Add your sticky note and press the Save button.

In addition, the sticky note can be dragged around, and resize using the selection tool.

Generally, you can fit 50 sticky notes at a time on one jamboard.

Furthermore, little three dots on the sticky note gives you menu option which includes Edit, Duplicate and Delete options.

Uploading image in jamboard

Step-4.3 (Uploading image)

This feature allows you to upload any sort of image. For instance, if you are a visual art teacher. you can upload a picture of the artwork and have students to respond to that artwork by using different sticky notes.

Similarly, If you are a math teacher, you can ask students to use the pen tool to actually work through that problem.

In addition, We can upload the image by using the upload button.

Furthermore, It gives you an option to upload the image from Google images, Google drive and google photos.

Shape tool and Text box tool in jamboard

Step 4.4 (Shape tool and Text box tool)

Shape tool gives you some options of different shapes like circle, square, rectangle and triangle. To begin with, you can drag any required shape to your worksheet. Also, You can change the colour and border of shapes by clicket on the paint bucket and border colour tool.

Similarly, Text box tool allows you to create a text box.

Laser tool in Jamboard

Step 4.5 (Laser tool)

As mentioned earlier, Jamboard is a digital whiteboard. If you are live teaching, this laser tool can be a really helpful way for you to actually point things out to students. so for instance, if you click on it, you can point out and highlight specific information to the students without actually drawing on the screen.

In addition, Laser feature does not leave any mark on the sheet.

YouTube video

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Teachers can engage all students in the learning process, whether working together in a traditional classroom or through distance learning.

Write and draw answers to the assignment.
Add stick notes for your answers.
Search Google and insert images.
Drag and resize text and images with your fingers.
Sketch shapes like a box, star, cat, or dragon.
Image recognition technology converts your sketch into a polished image.

Jamboard enables students to brainstorm and create in small groups face to face on one device.

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